This package includes 1 pre-decorated personalized Happy Birthday hat with brass initials and glittered/rhinestone candles and 8 undecorated adjustable crowns, decorations and instructions. Tacky glue and craft sticks are included to attach decorations. Allow one hour to dry if using tacky glue. Glue guns and glue sticks may be used but not included (Parental guidance recommended). Also includes 8 undecorated Hero Hats and peel-off stickers to decorate hats. Stickers may vary. You may donate these Hero Hats to children in your local hospital or return them to our facility and we will donate them to your hospital of choice. 

Ultimate UNDECORATED "SPORTS" Collection

  • Our exclusive Birthday Party Hat decorating activity truly makes the celebrated child feel special! This fun group activity is a surefire way to keep kids entertained while creating memories of your child’s unique party.