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Happy Hats for Kids in Hospitals is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Torrance, CA. Our founder, Sheri Waldstein, designs our unique Happy Hero Hats and holiday-themed hats. The organization has produced and donated over 1.2 million creative Happy Hats to children with cancer, COVID-19, and other critical illnesses.


The mission of our organization is dedicated to uplifting the spirits, enriching the lives, and easing the fears of hospitalized children fighting cancer and other critical illnesses.


The organization’s exclusive programs help shift the focus of the children and their families away from their discomfort and anxiety to comfort and happiness.


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We are the only nonprofit organization that donates our creative Super Hero outfits and Hero Club 60-page educational, bilingual story/activity books and crayons to each child admitted into hospitals year-round. We also include peel-off stickers for the kids to decorate their hats, capes, and masks. The hospitalized children are given decorated holiday-themed Happy Hat for 6 holidays throughout the year. These creative Happy Hats, made by volunteers in Torrance California, uplift the entire family and staff when they see the children smile.


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