Joe and Joanna cut, sew and decorate more hats than we can count.

Our volunteers are a crucial part of our organization’s success. The countless hours they spend cutting, sewing and decorating thousands of Happy Hats is a blessing for the hospitalized children and their families. Happy Hats for Kids in Hospitals offers many rewarding opportunities for our valued volunteers.

El Segundo "Stitch in the Ditch" Group

Vicki is a real “cut-up”!  She cuts bolts and

bolts of fabric for our Happy Hats.

Marianna sews hundreds of hats during the year which are given to hospitalized children. 

National Charity League Mothers and daughters bond as they decorate Happy Hats to bring happiness and smiles to hospitalized children in their local community. 

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difference in the lives of these

brave and courageous children...

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